4. The study resources and materials provided were helpful in my learning​

This ESS question highlights the importance of Delivery within the overall DIAgram. The qualitative descriptors of Great Teaching that align with this question are listed below, as well as some tactics to improve each.

  • Aligned

    Delivered and designed content supports the subject’s intended learning outcomes as a whole, and the timing of delivery aligns with student activity over the teaching period.

    Tactics to consider:

    • Signposting the relationship between content and assessment tasks, at the introduction and end of the session.
    • Framing connections between the guest/curated presentations and assessment tasks when introducing the speaker and in planned questions.
    • Clarifying timing of content delivery relative to learning activities and deadlines in semester overview.
  • Inclusive

    Content reflects a broad range of perspectives and diverse values, and is accessible to all learners.

    Tactics to consider:

    • Using Ally to check that online content is as accessible as possible for all students.
    • Inviting guest speakers that represent diverse and contrasting perspectives, and highlighting in discussions.
    • Seeking content in the ‘blind spots’ of current subject expertise or worldview by crowdsourcing from students or others.
  • Well-Presented

    High-level communication skills (verbal, graphic, written) are employed, and include effective signposting for students.

    Tactics to consider:

    • Ensuring written content is appropriate in length and complexity to the cohort.
    • Incorporating curated or bespoke multimedia for engagement.
    • Soliciting feedback on recorded presentations (from peers, self-assessment, etc.)

If you have other tactics relevant for this ESS question, please contact BEL+T to share them!