Gradescope: A New Online Assessment Tool For Canvas

Learning Environments have integrated Gradescope into Canvas. Gradescope can support your online feedback and assessment needs and is recommended for areas that can benefit from handwritten or hand-drawn responses.

Gradescope's key capabilities include:

  • Instructors can set online, ‘paper’ or hybrid assignments, where the students can answer online, and also submit photos or PDFs of their handwritten or hand-drawn work (e.g. graphs).
  • Supports ‘paper’ quizzes where students can’t print out the quiz at home. Instead, they can just submit with photos of answers written on any paper.
  • Supports marking at scale, where multiple markers can be marking simultaneously and not clash with one another.
  • Reduces double handling of marking by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to collate equivalent answers. This allows markers to mark a set of answers given at the same time rather than every student’s response individually.
  • You can build your rubrics as you mark, and if you decide to change something as you go, it will apply to all assignments already marked automatically.
  • Has feedback and annotation tools that can be used with the rubric or for individual responses, for both online and photographed handwritten/drawn submissions.
  • Instructors can see detailed assignment and question analytics and, if desired, can link questions to concepts or lectures to see if the students are trending as having difficulty with a concept or a particular lecture’s content overall.

To enable Gradescope in your subject:

  • Go to Subject Settings
  • Click on the Navigation tab
  • Drag Gradescope up in the subject menu

To learn more about Gradebook’s functionality, refer to the following resources:

  • A general Gradescope walkthrough video
  • A Gradescope video with scanning tips and best practices
  • Gradescope Get Started page featuring other helpful short videos
  • Gradescope Help Centre for written documentation and FAQs