LTI Success: Architectural technology e-portfolio for authentic assessment encouraging life-long learning

Congratulations to Bachelor of Design architectural technology subject coordinators for their successful Learning and Teaching Initiative grant of $80,000 (Round 1 2020)! Terrific news!

The assessments within the technology core subjects and the Design Internship elective will be integrated through a personalised e-Portfolio. This approach will draw together digital representation as well as new potential in 3D fabrication, robotics, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and will align with emerging fabrication potential of the Fishermans Bend initiative. The portfolio-focussed assessment will be informed by LTI-funded innovations in MDHS and MGSE, and issues identified through students’ SES responses.  The project will also draw on support from BEL+T and the FabLab.

The e-portfolio will be an iterative curated record of student learning, and will provide a professional-facing profile. It will align with the University’s investigations of this approach. Students will reflect on skills they are learning in the course; the knowledge base they are developing; their personal strengths and interests; and a metacognitive reflection as the basis of their lifelong learning and professional judgement.

The subjects supported through this assessment reform are:

  • Foundations of Design: Representation
  • Construction as Alchemy
  • Construction Analysis
  • Construction Design
  • Environmental Building Systems
  • Digital Design
  • Design Internships
  • Design Visualisation

Congratulations again to ABP staff members: Dr Alberto Pugnale; A/Prof Clare Newton; Xavier Cadorel; Adrian Chu; Dr Sofia Colabella; Blair Gardiner; Dr Paul Loh; Michael Mack; Catherine Woo; Scott Woods.