LTI Success: Piloting online resources for teaching first-year digital design studios

Congratulations to Wendy Walls and Dr Jillian Walliss for their successful application to the Round 2 of the Learning and Teaching Initiatives.

This project is a pilot initiative for introducing online content into first year design studio curriculum for the non-cognate entry to the landscape architecture master’s programs. These studio-based subjects introduce a combination of technical skills, techniques and theory to students who may not have studied in design before.

While it is well-recognised there are abundant online materials for learning digital design communication techniques, these have largely been developed for generic use or for other disciplines. This project will curate an online platform of learning resources which support the development of technical skills in collaboration with learning the foundations of design. In addition, the pilot will explore refining the studio curriculum towards a modularised syllabus to support blended learning and provide a more flexible learning environment. Our hope is that the pilot project will develop and demonstrate a model for specialised blended design studio teaching that can be transferred to other design streams.