Online ABP Application for Extension

The Faculty has created an online Application for Extension for students enrolled in ABP subjects to use when requesting short extensions of up to 10 working days.

The Application for Extension form can be accessed here: You may wish to publish an announcement on your subject’s LMS page informing students of this.

We have created this online form as we have received feedback from a number of subject coordinators stating that the number of requests for extensions has increased and is taking up a significant amount of their time.


  • This web form would allow us to track how many requests are being submitted for each subject
  • The Student Programs Team would be able to run weekly reports and send them to subject coordinators as an Excel spreadsheet showing all of the applications for extensions that have been submitted for their respective subjects
  • During quiet periods of semester, the Student Programs Team would be able to audit a percentage of the supporting documentation for authenticity as the number of altered/forged documents submitted by students appears to be on the rise
  • The webform provides students with information about eligibility, processing times and information on when they must apply for Special Consideration
  • Students would no longer have to print out a paper form, sign it, scan it and email it back to their subject coordinator/senior tutor


  • When students submit an online application for extension, it would be forwarded directly to the subject coordinator of the subject via email with any supporting documentation attached.
  • The academic staff member would assess the application and advise the student of the outcome via email within 3 working days.
  • Students granted an extension must attach the advice of the extension to their assignment when submitting via LMS or to the subject coordinator/tutor/studio leader.
  • A copy of the application and supporting documentation would be kept on file in the inbox for auditing purposes.

According to University policy, academic staff may grant extensions for submission of assessment of up to  10 working days, in certain eligible circumstances.  Please note that requests for extensions cannot be granted for the following ineligible circumstances:

  • computer failure
  • assessment tasks in other subjects due
  • employment responsibilities and routine financial support needs
  • stress or ‘normal’ anxiety, study difficulties
  • difficulties adjusting to university life
  • language difficulties
  • minor inconvenience
  • regular
  • normal life events, such as:
  • family life,
  • work,
  • sporting activities,
  • social and other commitments,
  • minor interruptions and disruption to routine that might result from minor illness, mishap or other minor adversity.