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Borrowing and Usage Policy

Borrowing and Usage Policy

The Photography Equipment is available for use within the Fabrication Workshop at the Melbourne School of Design. The equipment is available for use by current contract staff members or currently enrolled students (undergraduate, graduate, or research) studying in the Melbourne School of Design and is offered free of charge. Please note that depending on the demand and the type of equipment being requested, priority may be given to Higher Degree students who are undertaking research. We will try to accommodate all students' needs.

Canon Camera and Accessories

  • Canon 5D Mark III Camera (for advanced photographers only)
  • Canon 70D Camera
  • Canon EF24-105LIS EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Diameter 77mm
  • Canon EF10028LIS EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro IS USM, Diameter 67mm
  • Canon TS17 TS-E 17mm f/4L Tilt Shift Lens (for advanced photographers only)
  • Manfrotto Tripod Kit 055 055XPR03 and XPRO 3 way Head
  • Backdrop lighting

Go Pro and Accessories

  • Go Pro Hero 4 Camera with Protective Case
  • Assorted clips and fixing accessories

Terms & Conditions

This policy applies to all staff and Students of the Melbourne School of Design at the University of Melbourne.

Equipment is an asset of the University that should be safeguarded and used for University programs and purposes.

All equipment loans must comply with University Procurement Policy (Available for viewing at:

The Melbourne School of Design Fabrication Workshop provides audio/visual equipment on a limited loan basis throughout the year. This service is provided free of charge to faculty, staff, and students. There is no charge for the use of any university- owned equipment; loaned equipment is expected to be treated with the utmost responsibility and care.

Equipment will only be checked in and out by the Fabrication Workshop Management Team.
Opening times: 10 - 5pm, Monday to Friday

Equipment loans are a privilege, not a right.

Other than normally expected wear and tear, faculty staff and students will be held responsible and be expected to replace or repair any lost, stolen or damaged equipment.

Equipment must not leave the Fabrication Workshop without prior written consent from the Fabrication Workshop Management Team.

01To qualify for equipment loan, the Borrower must be associated with the Melbourne School of Design, have completed an Equipment/Loans Induction from the Fabrication Workshop Team and signed a copy of the User Agreement.
02The Borrower will be held totally responsible for all equipment checked out to them when they sign the Loan Agreement, including any items which are lost, stolen or damaged during the loan.
03All equipment shall be returned to the Fabrication Workshop in the same proper working condition and state as it was issued. The condition of borrowed equipment will be checked upon return by the Fabrication Management Team
04It is the Borrowers responsibility to accept only equipment in proper working condition. Please check the parts and components of the equipment/kits before signing for equipment.
05Should equipment become faulty for any reason while in the Borrower’s hands, absolutely no attempt should be made by the Borrower (or anyone else) to repair it. If faulty, please return the equipment immediately to the Fabrication Workshop Management Team.
06Under no circumstances should any equipment in the Borrower’s charge be loaned to any other person. All equipment transfers must be handled through the Fabrication Workshop Management Team.
07Supplying equipment to individuals who do not have authorisation is a severe violation of the User Agreement. Borrowers who pass the equipment to non-authorised personnel to use are also in violation of the Loan Policy.
08It is essential that equipment be returned to the Fabrication Workshop on time.
09Reserved equipment must also be picked up on time or your reservation may go to someone else. It is the Borrower’s responsibility to be aware of the Fabrication Workshop schedule.
10Equipment usage privileges may be revoked at any time without warning due to careless handling of equipment or abuse of Borrowing and Usage Policy. For example: equipment left unattended in public is considered careless handling.
11The Fabrication Workshop Management team provides rechargeable batteries for equipment. These batteries must be returned with the equipment.
12Falsified or misrepresentation of special permission will result in immediate revocation of loan privileges.
13Any abuse or disregard for the above policies will result in suspension of use of the Fabrication Workshop equipment for the rest of the current semester. To have privleges reinstated for the following semester, a formal application will need to be made to the Fabrication Workshop.

If you have any questions regarding the equipment loan policy and procedure,
please contact the Fabrication Workshop Team via:
Phone: 9035 8663


Lost or Damaged Equipment

The borrower is liable for paying replacement costs of any equipment not returned, or equipment returned which is damaged beyond repair.

The borrower is liable to pay the repair cost (not to exceed the replacement cost) of any equipment which is returned in damaged condition.

Failure to pay, as required, may result in loss of privileges and benefits. 


On first loan Fabrication Workshop Staff will offer an Equipment/Loan Induction.

Where classes require equipment, a class training session will be built into the curriculum at or before the first time equipment is required. This is the responsibility of the subject coordinator in consultation with the Fabrication Workshop Manager.

Where classes require equipment, the equipment is the responsibility of one staff member or student and will be borrowed in their name.


Reservation and Loan Process

Equipment reservations can be made via our booking form.

Borrowers must present their staff or student card and complete an induction;

The Fabrication Workshop Staff and the staff member/student must check that the equipment is in good working order before leaving the office, including all media, battery and accessory checks;



All equipment may be signed out for a maximum of two (2) hours, unless prior arrangements are made with the Fabrication Workshop Management Team.

If you do need to request an extension of your loan period, please contact the Fabrication Workshop Staff as soon as possible. Extensions are granted on a needs basis, and will be at the discretion of the Fabrication Workshop Staff.


Returning equipment

Before the end of the session or loan period, all files must be copied onto your own storage media and then deleted from the media cards on all borrowed equipment. All SD cards and other storage devices will be formatted once equipment has been returned. The Fabrication Workshop does not back up files and does not accept any responsibility for lost or damaged files.

Upon return of the equipment, the Fabrication Workshop Team will check to ensure taht the equipment is in order. The loan is complete after final sign-off by both the Fabrication Workshop Team memeber and the student/staff memeber who borrowed the equipment.


All computers in the Melbourne School of Design are loaded with Adobe Creative Suite. There is one media editing suite located in the Fabrication Workshop to allow for photographic and video processing and editing with Lightroom as well as more advanced media editing requirements.