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ABP 2017 Dean's Honours Awards

Once more, the ABP Dean's Honours Awards brought together our brightest students and the Faculty's benefactors who have kindly chosen to sponsor a Dean's Honours Award to recognise outstanding student achievements.


May marked a month of reflection, recognition and celebration as the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning hosted the annual Dean’s Honours Awards.

Both our Undergraduate cohort and the Melbourne School of Design Postgraduate cohort were recognised across two separate evenings, with ceremonies taking place May 2 and May 16 respectively.

The Awards were presented to students whose dedication, drive and ability has placed them in the top three per cent of the 2016 academic year. Traditionally, students who receive Dean’s Honours Awards go on to demonstrate this same level of excellence well into their careers. Many recipients are amongst our most accomplished alumni working across the built environment in Australia and overseas.

This celebration is made possible in part by committed industry sponsors who recognise the importance of a holistic curriculum that produces graduates who are well prepared to join industry. These sponsors make it possible for our Faculty to commend the outstanding achievements in specific areas of study. The Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning is privileged to have a long list of dedicated sponsors who have supported our students over the years.

The celebrations not only recognise our students’ outstanding achievements, but also allow prize winners to personally connect with our Faculty’s supporters and prize sponsors, to network with industry, and to discuss their ideas with the academic and professional community.

For Ewan Ogilvy, one of the sponsors behind the DesignInc Positive Legacy Design Award, supporting future built environment professionals goes hand in hand with promoting important social causes. The Award recognises student work which creates ecological and social benefits as well as connections between people and their environment. “Any initiative that will encourage tomorrow’s design practitioners to address these important issues, is both timely and important,” Mr Ogilvy said. Upon meeting the award recipients, Mr Ogilvy was struck by the passion and enthusiasm of both recipients of the DesignInc Positive Legacy Award. “Through two rather different projects, both Antonia Besa Lehmann and Kate Sarkodee demonstrated their commitment to leaving a lasting positive legacy. Antonia's project exemplified how great regenerative outcomes could be achieved by re-conceiving waste as an important resource and employment generator. Kate's focus upon the housing situation of our first Australians, and the particular needs of people with mobility challenges, demonstrated how careful design could create both ecological and social benefits.”

Receiving the award and having the opportunity to meet Mr Ogilvy, along with award co-sponsors Christon Batey-Smith (DesignInc) and Maree Sidey (Australian Communities Foundation), provided recipient Kate Sarkodee with a huge boost in confidence. “For me, the award affirms that my project was not idealistic, but useful and valuable work. It was great to meet the award sponsors and have a chance to explain the project more to them and how it has impacted positively on me and the community it was based in.” Recipient Antonia Lehmann agrees, adding, “As leaders in the architecture discipline, it was motivating to see their genuine interest in pushing projects that enhance people’s quality of life through the provision of buildings that give back something more than just a roof.”

The undergraduate recipient of the Tarkett Positive Legacy Design Award, Brigit Skilbeck was thrilled to meet Tarkett representative Marianna Thomas. “She encouraged me to continue studying in the field of sustainability.  It's heartwarming to know that there are donors who care as much as I do about sustainability and positive change!”

Alumnus Hugh O’Neill was pleasantly surprised to find that his past students had opted to set up a new scholarship in his honour, the Hugh O’Neil Scholarship, which rewards an undergraduate student who has excelled in subjects relating to design or architectural heritage. Mr O'Neill believes that a hugely important and influential aspect of his career was his time spent volunteering as an architect in the Asia Pacific region, and is thrilled at the notion that this scholarship can help facilitate similarly influential experiences for the next generation of architects. Looking towards the future, recipient Jingwen Kua explains, “Winning this award has given me the confidence to keep striving for thorough design, both in academia and in practice, in the near future”.

This year’s Dean’s Honours Awards also saw the addition of the Richard Falkinger Scholarship which was awarded to Danielle Mileo for her outstanding results in the area of heritage architecture and cultural studies. Danielle’s work focuses on the recovery and preservation of post-disaster heritage architecture, particularly in Japan (Tohoku/Tokyo) and New Zealand (Christchurch), and the cultural implications it has in various situations.  “The Richard Falkinger Scholarship is helping me to undertake further cultural and architectural studies in Tokyo, where I am currently living” says Danielle. While Danielle is overseas and was unable to attend the ceremony on May 16th, she and Richard Falkinger have arranged to meet later this year in Munich to discuss her project and ideas.

We congratulate all our talented students and generous sponsors.

Supporters of the ABP Dean's Honours Awards

AECOMAustralian Communities FoundationAustralian Institute of Building
Australian Institute of Quantity SurveyorsAustralian Property of BuildingBharat Dave Scholarship Fund
Catherin BullChartered Institute of BuildingDELWP
DesignIncDuluxEwan Ogilvy
Forster Family FoundationFrank BillsonFred Ledgar Prize Fund
Graham Treloar Fellowship FundJohn W HendersonLate Charles Lloyd
Late Ellis StonesLate Nell NorrisLate Noemi Fooks
Late Peter Pincas KaufmanLate Rina MackleyLate Sir John Grice
SGS Economics and PlanningSJBTarkett Australia
The Fraser FamilyThe Hansen FamilyThe Kang Family