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Card Cutter FC2250 180

Graphtec FC2250-180
Workshop Studio (Room G23)
Level 02 - Machine Safety


The Card Cutter uses a small knife, controlled by computer, to cut and score thin sheet materials such as card and thin plastics. The FC2250-180 is the largest card cutter and has a static hold which helps keep the material in place.

Video of Operation

Health and Safety

  • The card cutter has moving parts. Do not let hands, hair, or clothing get too close to the moving parts or within their range of movement. Never leave the machine unattended.
  • Always ensure all objects and materials have been removed from the cutting table before powering up the machine and the tool carriage will not come into contact with any objects or furniture as it moves across the table. The cutting arms will move as soon as the machine is turned on.
  • Please see a FabLab technician if there are any issues with the machines operation or if the blades need to be changed. Do not attempt to change the blades by yourself.

Operation Instructions

File Setup



  • Prepare the table: Make sure the table is clear of obstructions.
  • Switch on and check origin: Switch on the card cutter and ensure that the carriage returns to the home position - If not, re-origin to 'zero' position. NOTE: the card cutter arm will move as soon as it is turned on.
  • Prepare material: Place material to be cut on cutting table and re-origin to the bottom left corner of the material. Switch on static hold.
  • Set parameters: Apply the desired Force, Speed and Quality settings for each line colour as described in the Card Cutter Guidelines.
  • Cut material: Output the job from the software which will begin automatically. If during the process of cutting a job a cutting error occurs or the knife goes off the cutting area, stop the job immediately by pressing the pause button and switching off the power switch on the card cutter.
  • Shut down and remove material: When the job is completed, move cutting arm to top right of table to ensure it does not get damaged. Switch OFF the static hold and remove the cut pieces.

Workmanship Considerations

  • The card cutter can often pull on the material and rip or tear it. A good way to avoid this is by taping the edges of the material to ensure it remains as flat as possible and doesn’t move during the machine’s operation.
  • The card cutter is capable of both cutting and scoring material. Interesting results can be achieved by scoring an object on both sides to produce inward and outward folding joints.