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Colorwave 700 Plotter

Colorwave 700
Print & Media Hub (Room 127)


Colorwave 700 Plotter (Plotter 2 & 3) are large format printers which can print A0, A1 and A2 colour or black and white prints. Plotter 2 is uses 90GSM paper and is useful for general large format printing purposes. Plotter 3 prints at a higher quality than Plotter 2 and is great for presentation drawings. It has two types of paper available: Standard 160GSM paper and a 190GSM Satin finish.

Health and Safety

Plotter 2 and 3 may be operated by students but all maintenance and issues with the equipment including changing paper and/or toner must only be carried out by trained staff.

Operation Instructions

  • Before printing read the Print & Media Guidelines and/or watch the tutorial videos.
  • Set the file up as a PDF, flatten the PDF and compress the file as much as possible by following the steps in the Print & Media Guidelines.
  • Set the print settings and make sure abpstuprint/B133-Plotter2 or abpstuprint/B133-Plotter3 is selected from the drop down menu.
  • Send the print job from any MSD computer. There are dedicated Print Only computers outside the Print & Media Hub (Room G127).
  • Your PDF document is now ready to be released from the release station in the Print & Media Hub.

Workmanship Considerations

  • Printing can be very expensive so make sure to read the Print & Media Guidelines, check your file for any errors and confirm your print settings prior to sending off your file.
  • To minimise the risk of errors with the machines, send all files as PDF.
  • The printers work best with smaller files so it is best to minimise file size as much as possible prior to sending off your file. Files that are not flattened in PDF format and/or are larger than 150MB in size may take a long time to print or may not print at all. You can reduce the file resolution to 150 dpi should the file size be too large.
  • The equipment in the Print & Media Hub is heavily used throughout the semester, particularly around assignment deadlines. Therefore it is recommended to submit jobs well in advance of any deadlines.
  • During peak usage it is not uncommon for issues to arise with the printers. These may occur late at night or on the weekend when the printroom is unstaffed. The machines will be fixed during the next business day.
  • Please see the Fabrication Workshop staff if there are any issues with the equipment in the Print & Media Hub. Please do not attempt to make any adjustments including changing paper or toner without prior approval.
  • Students may apply for a refund if the printer has caused an error with their job. Details on the refund procedure are outlined in the Print & Media Guidelines.