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The online home for alumni and supporters of the Faculty. Learn how we work to engage our graduates and the built environment community.

Our alumni community of over 13,000 graduates includes some of the most interesting and high profile contributors to the built environments of Australia and more than 60 countries around the world. Alumni engage with the Faculty from as far away as the UK and the USA, and from all over Asia. Businesses work with us to provide internships and scholarships, and to impact our teaching and research.

The Faculty officially moved into the Melbourne School of Design Building on 11 December 2014 and 2015 saw the first student cohort occupying the space. We were delighted to observe the popularity of the Brain Lewis Atrium and collaborative learning spaces. The building encourages students from different disciplines and across different year levels to sit side by side while studying in groups or individually. This kind of interaction encourages conversation, collaboration and serendipitous discovery. 

The Faculty also offers a generous range of scholarships, many of which are designed to offer students opportunities that might otherwise be beyond their means, despite their natural abilities. If you would like to learn more about supporting a scholarship in the Faculty, including the Faculty’s Scholarship Fund that offers access to students with financial difficulties, or other directions of support, please contact Andrew Middleton, ABP Development Manager. For any enquiries regarding alumni engagement, reunions and how you can connect with the Faculty as an alumnus or alumna, please contact Simon Elchlepp, ABP Advancement Officer.

Andrew Middleton
ABP Development Manager
Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning
+61 3 8344 3111

Simon Elchlepp
ABP Advancement Officer
Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning
+61 3 9035 5945





Over the years generous donations have resulted in a range of transformational outcomes for the Faculty, enabling projects that would otherwise not be possible.


Information about our alumni, stories about events and links to the University alumni page.


The Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning is excited to announce a new initiative: the ABP Alumni Networks. The Networks’ primary purpose is to connect and engage our alumni, based in a specific location, through events and provide them with opportunities for career networking and collaboration.


Once more, the ABP Dean's Honours Awards brought together our brightest students and the Faculty's benefactors who have kindly chosen to sponsor a Dean's Honours Award to recognise outstanding student achievements.