Studio 03

Eternal Holiday

Peter Stasios

This studio is available to students enrolled in ABPL90142 Studio C, ABPL90143 Studio D, and ABPL90115 Studio E.

Studio Description

There is a sense we are at the beginning of something, the previous version of the city and work have been made obsolete. Eternal Holiday has the ambition to design the physical, social and cultural components crucial to re-defining a new version of work and the city.

Historically, the workplace has been shaped by technological innovations, social Darwinism, worker struggle and design principles, resulting in spaces that resemble the cold logic of value production. Recent developments have obscured the differentiation between workplace and domestic space, work and leisure, production and consumption. This studio seeks to understand this largely ignored phenomena and explore the possibilities and concerns of the increasing collisions between work, leisure and culture within the context of our city.

Eternal Holiday will pair the above provocation with distinctly architectural problems, as students are expected to develop a conceptual position on work as well as the accompanying architecture.

Studio Outcomes

Eternal Holiday’s ambition is to develop a new set of values, both architecturally and culturally, and see how they can manifest themselves through the built form and design of a civic multi-storey working space.

The first half of the semester is informed by the idea that architecture should absorb into its “body the intelligence of the world” beyond it, and that architecture is defined by different kinds of knowledge. Through a series of weekly investigations and design exercises we will pivot between history, theory and specific architectural problems as they relate to the workplace and the city.

Through a curated supply of resources and design exercises, your conceptual position will take shape as you begin to define an alternative version of work as well as explore spatial, programmatic and formal possibilities.

The remainder of the semester will be dedicated to your personal projects. There is an expectation that your final propositions will produce an architecture that proposes new relationships between urban dwellers, the work they do and the spaces they occupy.

Studio Leader

Peter Stasios is an architectural designer and researcher at DKO Architecture who has taught Masters studios at MSD since 2017. The foundation of the semester is the knowledge acquired through various iterations of this studio that have been taught previously, as well as the work produced in the professional environment.

Readings & References

  • Henri Lefebvre - Critique of Everyday Life
  • David Graeber - Bullshit Jobs
  • Bertrand Russel – In Praise of Idleness
  • Georges Perec - On the Difficulty of Imagining an Ideal City
  • Colin Rowe – Collage City
  • Pier Vittorio Aureli – Less is Enough
  • Marika Neustupny – Curtain Call

Schedule Mondays 18:15-21:15, Thursdays 18:15-21:15

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