Studio 08

Triplicate: Stirling at Ca' Corner della Regina

Scott Woods & Kim Vo | Special Advisor: Armature Globale Milan (Luigi Alberto Cippini & Alexei Haddad)

This studio is available to students enrolled in ABPL90142 Studio C, ABPL90143 Studio D, and ABPL90115 Studio E.

Studio Description

Special Advisor: Armature Globale (Milan)

James Stirling Fonds at CCA Canadian Centre for Architecture, and Fondazione Prada Venezia.

The institutional setting of the museum functions paradoxically as the place for the generation, display and disappearance of architecture, at once affirming and suspending any evidence of architecture actually ‘being’ there. This architecture in pseudo-absentia has an uneasy relationship with the museum’s institutional order – it’s codes, practices, perceptual histories and blockbuster exhibitions.

Architecture’s unease in the museum buttresses claims for the disciplinary autonomy of architecture and supposes the probability of the museum interior as a site for the emergence of new architectural modalities, co-dependent, and perhaps even independent of the museum.

…Architecture born in the museum

Studio Outcomes

Students will work with material from the James Stirling Archive at the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), drawings and other documentation of the Venetian Palazzo Ca’ Corner della Regina (the Fondazione Prada venue in Venice), and catalogues of the current exhibition on show at Fondazione Prada Venezia titled Stop Painting (conceived by artist Peter Fischli).

Projects, drawings, photographs and other documents selected from the Stirling archive become source material for students to pursue designed intersections of James Stirling’s architectural ideas and the 18th-century family home cum museum on the Grand Canal in Venice – classicism in triplicate.

After staging a series of these tactical design responses, students will deploy these logics on a larger scale across the Ca’ Corner della Regina building; its spaces, circulation, materiality, sequencing etc. The new architectural entity will then be further tested by the introduction of the present exhibition at the venue Stop Painting as an art historical, curatorial and programmatic consideration for the design.

Therefore, students should expect a three-tiered research approach: the Stirling archive at the CCA, Cá Corner della Regina (Fondazione Prada venue), and the Stop Painting exhibition at Fondazione Prada, to support their design development throughout the studio and the prophetic emergence of architectures born within the museum.

Readings & References

    • Stop Painting, Fondazione Prada, 2021
    • Anthony Vidler, James Frazer Stirling: Notes from the Archive, Canadian Centre for Architecture, 2010
    • Fondazione Prada Ca’ Corner della Regina, Progetto Prada Arte, Milan 2011

Schedule Mondays 09:00-12:00 and Thursdays 15:15-18:15

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