Studio 17

There is nothing left of me but you

Marijke Davey

This studio is available to students enrolled in ABPL90142 Studio C, ABPL90143 Studio D, and ABPL90115 Studio E.

Studio Description

There is nothing left of me but you.
( “Who am I, without Exile?” Mahmoud Darwish )

‘When did you last speak to your parents?’

Last night, we spoke as I cooked dinner,’

Last week, they called to tell me about my uncle,’

Last month, they wanted to know what I wanted for my birthday,’

Last year, the world had stopped.’

There is nothing left of me but you is the next chapter in a series of studios looking at beautiful Palestine. Palestine. Through the telescope of the internet, of books, of artworks, we will explore Palestine through the eyes, hands, and words of others. How closely can you listen to a place from across oceans, and lands, and time? How can you focus when there is so much to learn, watch, read? We will explore together.

There is nothing left of me but you will bring into the studio a collection of guests that will share with you first hand accounts of life in Palestine. We will listen. All we can do is listen. The studio will grow through discussion. You will learn to ask questions, to express opinion.

Throughout the semester you will develop your own brief for a piece of architecture. You will make many maps, you will draw faces, hands, poems. Each drawing you make will lead you to the next.

We are all a collection of the things we have seen, read, discussed, and loved. This studio will contribute to the collection of you.

Studio Leader

Marijke is an architect. She loves public space, pigeons, and Palestine.

Schedule Mondays and Thursdays | 10AM-4PM
Face-to-face components to run in MSD Room 138

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