Studio 11

but, instead

marijke davey

Studio Description

you were telling me about the sky, but, instead;
you were describing the smells, but, instead;
you told me of snow, snow! but, instead;
one stone upon another, but, instead;
a road rule, but, instead;
a tapered stare, but, instead;

my love, it is all in your head,
but, instead.

Studio Outcomes

but, instead, is the next in a series of studios that look at beautiful Palestine. Over the course of our shared semester, we will explore the land, the places, the people of Palestine. We will look to maps, to stories, to film, to words, to food, to each other to learn from a place that has so much to share, and from which, we have so much to gain.

The studio asks for rigorous, thoughtful, and self-directed research. You will have high expectations placed upon you, but with this comes care, attention, support, and a space where you can develop your thoughts about architecture. The studio relies on class discussion, requiring you to listen to your classmates, to guests, to develop opinions, critiques, yourself.

Throughout the semester you will be required to design a piece of architecture. The brief will be a sketch that you will have to complete. You will need to ask a lot of questions, listen carefully, and respond with kindness. You will want to talk about Palestine to anyone who will give you a moment to speak.

Studio Leader

Marijke is an Architect. She cares about public space, pigeons, and Palestine.

Schedule Mondays and Thursdays 09:00-12:00

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