Studio 01

Studio 1: Post COVID Campus

Elliet Spring, Tahj Rosmarin, and Toby Woolley

Studio Description

Universities have always been intertwined with place. We go to university. We travel the world to experience historic colleges, to picnic in the cloister, to graduate in the quad. We protest outside the union, we mingle in the library, find solace in quiet carrels. Some of us even live in colleges, eating dinner with our peers every night. We all come together to learn, to challenge, to be challenged and to make life-long friends. Even as digital learning has grown in popularity, the campus has remained at the core at the university experience. Until now. With COVID-19 shifting your lives away from face to face learning to screens in your bedrooms and living rooms, you are living through a fundamental shift in the role of the campus. We will consider the design of the campus in the wake of the pandemic, using the city as our site.

Studio Outcomes

Students will be asked to work at a number of scales – from urban design to architecture and even to details. We will work together to develop the final design, with Melbourne as our testing ground. The outcomes will depend on your areas of interest, and could include campus plans, precinct plans, public spaces, buildings or even a series of interventions. We will meet with industry experts, and our work will form the basis of a new consolidated publication.

Studio Leaders

Elliet Spring is an Associate Director at MGS Architects, and is a registered architect with over 15 years’ experience. After graduating from the University of Melbourne in 2003, Elliet travelled to New York on the Rachel Ackman and Fritz Janeba fellowships to undertake postgraduate studies at Columbia University, where she studied under Bernard Tschumi. She remained in New York, working for WORKac and Snøhetta before relocating to Norway in 2010, where she worked for innovative designers Helen & Hard. She returned to Melbourne in 2012.

Tahj Rosmarin is a Melbourne-based urban designer and architectural graduate of the University of Melbourne. Tahj has practiced in Australia, India and the Netherlands and has worked on a variety of projects ranging from urban masterplans to residential alterations and additions. While working in practice, Tahj has also worked as a Research Assistant for the InfUr- Research Hub at the University of Melbourne and tutored a number of subjects in Architectural History and Design.

Toby Woolley is an award winning urban designer and architectural graduate who has worked on a variety of projects in both his native Tasmania and Melbourne. He has worked on a number of University Master Plans in Melbourne, Hobart and Canberra and has experience in urban townscape values, strategic planning, residential accommodation and university institutional buildings.

Readings and References

Schedule 16:00-19:00 Tuesdays and Thursdays

This studio will be co-taught between Urban Design Thesis, ABPL90376,
and Architecture Design Thesis, ABPL90169, in Semester 2, 2020.

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