MUP Capstone

Information for students in the final 100 points of the Master of Urban Planning

Students commencing their Master of Urban Planning between 2016 and 2020 are offered the choice of two main pathways -- ABPL90384 MUP Studio or ABPL90396/7 MSD Minor Thesis -- through which they can fulfill the Master of Urban Planning Capstone requirement.

MUP Studio

ABPL90384 MUP Studio provides an opportunity to those students who would like to sharpen the skills necessary to work in a team addressing practical planning problems. MUP Studio offerings are all designed according to the MUP Studio Handbook description, but will each be led by different studio leaders, and will each focus on different studio themes.  MUP Studio is a semester-long 25-point subject.

In the second half of 2020, two MUP Studios will be offered.  MUP Studio I will run as a Semester 2 subject, and MUP Studio N will run as a September intensive.  MUP Studio is a quota subject and places are limited.  Details are published on the subject's Handbook page. After quota selection, students will be given the opportunity to ballot for their preferred studio, and will be allocated and enrolled prior to the start of semester.  MUP Studio offerings are listed below.

MSD Minor Thesis

ABPL90396/7 MSD Minor Thesis offers students the opportunity to explore a research topic of their choosing under the guidance of an academic supervisor. The subject involves two consecutive semester-long 12.5 point subjects (totaling 25 points.)  In the initial semester students will concentrate on the preliminary stages of research, with the following semester more focused on the development and refinement of their chosen project.

Your supervisor will be your academic mentor: the person who guides your research and academic development throughout the year. Your supervisor will give feedback about your work and provide support and encouragement.

Below is a list of urban planning staff showing their availability to supervise and their supervision interests. After enroling in ABPL90396 MSD Minor Thesis, you will be asked to nominate your area of study, and you will be allocated one of these staff members as a supervisor.

In addition, other academic staff within the Melbourne School of Design may also be available to undertake supervision on a one-on-one basis.

Urban Planning Thesis Supervisors

Supervisor Topics of Interest and Expertise
Prof Michele Acuto
  • Diplomacy (international politics)
  • Global cities
  • Urban development (United Nations)
Dr Kathryn DavidsonDr Stephanie Butcher
  • Citizen participation and governance
  • Gender and diversity
  • Urban inequalities, housing and infrastructure
Dr Andrea CookDr Andrea Cook
  • Social / Community planning
  • Social / Spatial justice
  • Right to the City
  • Contested spaces
  • Citizen engagement
Dr Kathryn DavidsonDr Kathryn Davidson
  • Resilient cities
  • Climate change politics
  • Urban governance
  • Planning sustainability
  • Strategic planning
Dr Jennie DayDr Jennie Day
  • Chinese Cities
  • Effects of resettlement at the urban periphery for Shanghai households
  • Outcomes of rebuilding urban villages
  • The consequences of and alternatives to urban expansion
  • Transport capacity-building
  • Vulnerable populations
Prof Sun Sheng HanProf Sun Sheng Han
  • Institutional and economic restructuring in the Pacific-Asia region
  • Theories of the spatial organisation of urban activities
Dr Anna HurlimannDr Anna Hurlimann
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Planning sustainability
  • Sustainable water resource management
  • Water alternatives
Dr Ihnji Jon
  • Disaster planning
  • Ecopolitics
  • Local initiatives for tackling global environmental change
  • Planning in the Anthropocene
  • Posthumaniam
  • Resilience
Dr Hyungmin KimDr Hyungmin Kim
  • Asia-Pacific cities
  • Economic development
  • Economic forms and spatial analysis
  • Globalising city-regions
  • Liveability and walkability
Crystal LegacyDr Crystal Legacy
  • Strategic planning
  • Urban governance
  • Planning conflict
  • Participatory planning
  • Transport planning and politics
A/Prof Alan MarchA/Prof Alan March
  • Bushfire management
  • Risk, resilience and planning
  • Post event evaluation
  • Urban governance
  • Statutory systems
Dr Iderlina Mateo-Babiano
  • Transport geography and planning
  • Active transport
  • Bicycle sharing
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Gender and transport
  • Transport leadership
  • Urban design
Dr David NicholsDr David Nichols
  • Heritage and Planning
  • Suburbs
Dr Elek PafkaDr Elek Pafka
  • Streetlife and public space design
  • Urban form and planning codes
  • Walkability and the urban DMA (Density-Mix-Access)
Prof Nicholas Phelps
  • Economic geography
  • Development
  • Urban geography and planning
  • Multinational enterprises
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Urban economic agglomeration
  • Suburbs
  • History of urban planning
  • Comparative urban planning
Dr John StoneDr John Stone
  • Public transport international comparative analysis
  • Public transport planning and politics (public transport)
Dr Kathryn DavidsonDr Runing Ye
  • Built environment/urban design and subjective wellbeing
  • Chinese cities
  • Travel behaviour and subjective wellbeing

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