Studio R

Urban Resilience

Ihnji Jon

Studio Description

Extreme weather events, such as flooding, cyclones, or heat waves, are one of the biggest and most tangible challenges that cities are now facing today. Planners (and architects) seem to find comfort in the concept of “resilience”, thanks to its positive connotation and unusually hopeful outlook on future.  This studio primarily aims to offer students an opportunity to engage with the concept of ‘resilience’ in urban planning and design practices—across different scales within which resilience can be materialised (e.g., building or parcel scale, neighbourhood scale, city scale).

The ultimate learning purpose of this studio is to enhance the general understanding of ‘resilience’ and to seek proper applications of this concept in ecological/sustainable urbanism projects, with special focus on water-resiliency and climate-led disaster mitigation.

Students will conduct group-based international case study as well as individual Melbourne case study on a specific urbanism project (at a certain geographical/physical scale; it can be buildings, masterplans, or city-wide street design). This studio places an emphasis on international urban planning and comparative case study approach.

Schedule Tuesdays 09:00-12:00 in MSD Room 240; Fridays 09:00-12:00 in MSD Room 236

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