Studio N

Night Studio: Managing Cities at Night

Michele Acuto

Studio Description

Urban planners, designers and managers are more and more called upon to develop new solutions to deal with today’s growth of cities and the world’s condition of planetary urbanisation. Yet current urban developments, strategies and policies might be flawed by a fundamental bias, accounting only for half of urban life: we often discount the challenge of cities ‘afterhours’. The night-time has for too long remained a residual category of strategic urban thinking and demands much more thorough academic, technical and policy thinking. Several cities have recognised this with the recent introduction of night time strategies, pilot programs, night time strategies and commissions, even ‘night mayors’ – not least in London, Amsterdam or Sydney. This intensive studio tackles the ‘night time’ challenge for built environment practitioners and offers a venue to further refine interdisciplinary and policy-relevant skills of urban planning, urban design and architecture professionals.

The studio is run in partnership with ARUP, a global built environment consulting firm, presenting students with a chance to both test interdisciplinary urban analysis as well as practical (industry and policy) engagement approaches. This studio has an explicit international planning/design perspective and focuses on sharpening and testing international, interdisciplinary and night time skills for those aiming at a career oriented towards multiple countries, cities and urban policymaking contexts around the world. Over a period of two weeks, it offers a chance for regular engagement with the studio partner, Arup, and its extensive operate in offering strategic advice and expert intervention in cities the world over.

The students are tasked with developing innovative approaches to account for the night in urban planning, design, construction and policy. The studio takes a design approach to produce tangible practice-worthy tools. Students work with instructors and experts (from academia and practice) to identify key nigh-time challenges for cities, testing the input provided by diverse mode of thinking about the urban against ‘after-hours’ and ’24 hour' views of the city. Working in groups and with practitioners at Arup and other key ‘night time’ actors, students will develop, pilot and propose inventive applications that stress test current planning, design and construction against the urban night time. The studio is suitable for Urban Planning students with strong conceptual three-dimensional thinking, and a high level of communication skills (drawing and modelling, either digital or physical).

Please note: This studio will run in an intensive format - see below.

Schedule 0900-1200 on Monday 12, 19, 26 August and 2 September
and 0900-1700 from Monday 30 September through Friday 4 October in MSD Room 125

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