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Effects of feedback and incentive-based insurance on driving behaviours


The broader funded project is the first experimental study to examine the extent to which direct-feedback and incentive-based insurance modify a driver's behaviour. The study will apply in-vehicle telematics and, by linking information obtained from the technology directly to personalised safety messaging along with the calculation of individual personal injury and property damage insurance premiums. The study has the potential to profoundly influence not only the insurance industry by reducing individual risk and insurance scheme liability, but also deliver reductions in road trauma among the target population namely, young drivers.

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Feedback and incentives: a safer future for Australia’s drivers

Project Title

Effects of feedback and incentive-based insurance on driving behaviours

Major Sponsor

Australian Research Council

Research Partners

University of Melbourne
Monash University
University of West of England
Insurance Box QBE
Transport Accident Commission

Project Team

Prof Mark Stevenson (Uni of Melb)
A/Prof Duncan Mortimer (Monash)
Prof Anthony Harris (Monash)
Prof Alan Tapp (Uni of West of England)
Mr Frank Peppard (Insurance Box QBE)
Ms Samantha Buckis (TAC)


Prof Mark Stevenson (Uni of Melb)