A Seminar Series: Reflections on Indigenising the Curriculum at ABP

A Seminar Series: Reflections on Indigenising the Curriculum at ABP


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This is a virtual seminar series on the theme Reflections on Indigenising the Curriculum at the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning (ABP). This is part of the 2021 National Reconciliation Week activities of the University of Melbourne to support the national reconciliation movement.

We will hear from academics at ABP sharing their experiences on how they indigenised their teaching and pedagogy for the subject/s they teach and coordinate. They will discuss some practical actions they do or have done in the classroom to create cultural competency.

Seminar 1: May 28 (1-2 pm) Dr Hannah Robertson, Dr David O’Brien

Seminar 2: June 01 (12-1 pm) Prof Gini Lee, Dr Judy Bush, Prof Alex Felson

This seminar series will be delivered online.

May 28 (Friday, 12pm - 1pm)

Dr Hanna Robertson will talk about her winter intensive subject ABPL90311 Studies in Buildings, Cultures and Markets. The subject seeks to understand different cultural, economic and environmental contexts and how these situational factors influence building systems and processes. This year an interdisciplinary group of 16 ABP masters level students will travel to Olkola Country (Cape York, Queensland) to work alongside Olkola Rangers and Traditional Owners to construct a Cultural Knowledge Centre Prototype. They will learn about and test local material systems, including locally milled timber and rammed earth, appropriate technologies, remote and self-building and Olkola culture.

Dr David O'Brien will discuss how Bower Studio began in 2008 as a community-based research/design/build project in rural Thailand before refocusing to work with indigenous communities in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Its most recent projects include MSD students working with Gurindji, Mudburra and Warlpiri people at Kalkaringi (NT) and Yorta Yorta people at Cummeragunja (NSW).