AAVS Melbourne Design Methods 2.0 exhibition

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Dulux Gallery, Melbourne School of Design

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The AAVS Melbourne Design Methods 2.0 exhibition continues the exploration in the use and development of design tools and techniques that delve into areas of form finding, structural logics, and material performance while keeping a focus on their application towards spatial outcomes for the human environment.

This year, the exhibition focus will be on the exploration of the interstitial spaces of the city. Can these conditions become the ground zero for the renewal and reinvigoration of the current city fabric? The aim in this 12-day workshop which culminates in this exhibition, is to put forward visionary modes of inhabitation and functionality for the “modern” city. Our physical departure point will be the Laneway’s of the Hoddle City grid; designed in 1837 and extended in 1860 to contain the Melbourne CBD. This foresighted layout has served the evolving city growth for 180 years. Initially set out as horse drawn cart service lanes, the Laneways have evolved in the past 20 years into gentrified hotspots and territories for creative subcultures. Over the course of this workshop students are asked to develop critical alternative designs that propose visionary options and opportunities for the City of Melbourne.