AAVS Melbourne Exhibition: New Paper

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Makerspace, Baldwin Spencer Building

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Today, we spend more time on the pixels of our black screens than we do asleep. Everything we experience is filtered through digital means and Architecture is no different. We now ingest space through the lenses of our iris’, which as a result, has fast-forwarded our dreams into an electric new world.

This exhibition showcase the potential of the New Paper. Students explore the realms where Architecture is no longer physically constructed; moving into the blurring of the virtual world within our everyday life. Architectural drawings move beyond mere representations and a lived-in experience. Outcome of the 12-day workshop explores Mixed Reality technology through explosive gaming engines, cinematic film and daring animations.

In this Visiting School, we re-think Architecture through the lenses of today’s culture and share our bold visions of what is to come.

Studio led by: Factory Fifteen, A Cuarta Parede Films, Devin Gharakhanian, Space Popular, Cube Zero & United Make.

AAVS Melbourne Director: Mond Qu

Subject coordinator: Paul Loh