Annual Evan Walker Conversation

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B117 Theatre, Basement, Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne

  • Lecture


Melbourne is undergoing rapid change and growth. The city has long had a well deserved reputation  as a ‘design capital’ and is a highly ranked ‘liveable city’ by world standards. It has fostered a very talented and creative design  community. We have also carefully managed our rich legacy of heritage places. The Conversation will consider the relationship between design and liveability  and how good design has been achieved in our city.  Importantly, it will also examine how we can ensure that  the current pace of growth does not compromise the good design of new public and private buildings and places.

This will take place with a panel discussion and Q&A with three design experts.


An architect and urbanist, Shelley  is the Monash University Architect (and  Adjunct Professor)  and  Associate Professor in Architecture at the Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne. She is a non-executive Director of ACCA and  Infranexus and member of the Advisory Boards of the Office of Projects Victoria and Womens’ Property Initiatives.  She has been  Chair of the National Capital Authority, National President of the Australian Institute of Architects, Deputy Chair of the Heritage Council of Victoria and Associate Victorian Government Architect.


An architect and urban planner, Ray has spent the major part of his career working for the Victorian Government’s heritage conservation organisations, including a long period as  Executive Director of Heritage Victoria. Since  2009 he has undertaken a wide range of heritage conservation consultancy project. He has  a detailed knowledge of Melbourne’s history and the built heritage of the city.


Founder in 2002 of HIP V. HYPE and Managing Director of HIP V. HYPE Development, Liam has refined a design led approach to business seeking to shape and enhance the social, environmental and economic fabric of our cities through informed, responsive and collaborative design and development solutions. He is a creative entrepreneur, passionate about cities and driven by a desire to achieve better outcomes.

The Conversation is sponsored by Housing Choices Australia and the Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne.