Australia Modern: from the iconic to the everyday


Dulux Gallery
Glyn Davis Building (133) The University of Melbourne

Taking inspiration from the latest book on Australian modernism Australia Modern: Architecture, Landscape & Design 1925 – 1975 edited by Hannah Lewi & Philip Goad and published by Thames & Hudson, this exhibition celebrates twentieth-century architecture through newly commissioned photographs and archival images that vividly capture how modernism has shaped Australian society.

The pervasive presence of modernism is inescapable in Australia. Modernist architects and designers set out to rebuild at all scales, from vast infrastructure projects, public health and educational institutions, to new centres of culture, consumption and leisure. The exhibition Australia Modern showcases this legacy with a striking sample of the 100 significant modern sites included in the accompanying book.

In the year of our BE—150 program, which celebrates 150 years of built environment education at the University of Melbourne, we invite you to join us in exploring modernism's influence on every facet of life in Australia. Featuring projects from the iconic and the urban to the everyday, the regional and the lesser known, Australia Modern celebrates the modern architects and buildings that will constitute the heritage of tomorrow.

Standard Opening Hours:

  • July 22 – August 22:
    10am – 4pm (Mon-Fri)

Additional Opening Hours:

  • Saturday July 27
    12noon – 4pm
  • Sunday July 28
    12noon – 4pm

BE–150 Celebrating 150 Years of Built Environment Education at The University of Melbourne

Part of the BE–150: celebrating built environments education at the University of Melbourne 2019 program.

Image Credit: Sydney Ancher House III, 15 Bogota Ave, Neutral Bay, NSW, 1956. Architect: Sydney Ancher. Photograph: Max Dupain, 1958.