Celebrating the Art of Brickwork

Construction as Alchemy brick models

Level 1 & 2, West Side, Glyn Davis Building (Melbourne School of Design)

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Celebrating the Art of Brickwork

“Even a brick wants to be something.” ― Louis Kahn

The students of Construction as Alchemy (ARCH10002) have developed scaled sections of brick walls they designed using Rhino to showcase the craft of brickwork. Students selected from one of four ways to model the wall. Some programmed robotics to build the wall in MDF blocks. Others have built by hand in 1-5 scale MDF blocks or 1-10 scale plaster blocks. A final group used augmented reality to guide the location of blocks.

This is part of a first year subject in which students design three interrelated structures. This first structure is a brick wall and by the end of semester students will have added a timber deck and a pavilion shelter using steel. In addition to designing these structures, students develop a set of working drawings to outline the construction process.