Construction Design Exhibition 2019

“The Glasshouse” Olympic Park Community Facility. Architect: Croxon Ramsay.

Dulux Gallery, Ground Floor, Melbourne School of Design Building


ABPL30041 Construction Design is a third-year subject in the Bachelor of Environments/Bachelor of Design programs, and a core subject for those students wishing to major in Architecture.

This subject articulates and tests the idea of construction as a process requiring cultural and technical choices. Mixing built examples and project proposals, students are able to identify, evaluate and engage with the technological underpinnings of architecture.

Working individually, students construct a peel-away model at 1:20 scale; a 24m2 section of the case study project, ‘Glasshouse’ Olympic Park Community Facility by Croxon Ramsay Architects, showcasing construction elements from foundation to roof cladding. The physical model is used as a means for students to visually represent all research and knowledge gained through subject material, as well as application proficiency.

The exhibition profiles student models forming part of final submissions for Semester 1, 2019.

Gallery opening hours:
10:00am - 5:00pm, Monday to Friday

“The Glasshouse” Olympic Park Community Facility. Architect: Croxon Ramsay.
Image by kind permission of Croxon Ramsay. Photography by Dianna Snape.

BE–150 Celebrating 150 Years of Built Environment Education at The University of Melbourne

Part of the BE–150: celebrating built environments education at the University of Melbourne 2019 program.