determined / non-determined with Roger Riewe

Join for us an online lecture with architect Roger Riewe, architect and co-founder of Riegler Riewe Architecture and Urban Planning. He is also a lecturer at the University of Graz, where he also designed the campus. His practice deals with architecture in the context of its perception by the user, architecture as a background for everyday human life, as well as the use of new materials and technologies.

In this lecture, Roger will speak about the residential development Graz-Strassgang, a seminal multi-unit housing project designed by Roger Riewe and Florian Riegler and completed in 1994 along with other notable projects designed by Riegler Riewe Architects. Roger will share the visions of the practice and explain how their architecture is not a construction of images, but instead, we try to create structures, which are open and precise at the same time, which ultimately are frames for the complex flow of layers of utilization.

The lecture will be moderated by Dr Djordje Stojanovic, Senior Lecturer in Architectural Design for the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Melbourne.

Photo credit: Bas Princen