Embracing the Asian Century panel discussion

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Singapore Theatre (basement), Melbourne School of Design

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Emeritus Professor Catherin Bull will launch the February issue of Landscape Architecture Australia 'Embracing the Asian Century.‘ This special edition documents some of the advantages and challenges that come from a more comprehensive engagement with Australia’s Eurasian future. The guest editors Jillian Walliss (University of Melbourne), Heike Rahmann (RMIT University) together with Ricky Ray Ricardo, the (former) editor of the LAA will be joined for a panel discussion by special guest Aric Chen, the lead curator for Design + Architecture at the new M+ Museum, Hong Kong. Moderated by Emily Wong, (the new editor of LAA) the panel will debate some of the critical issues raised by the edition.

This edition of Landscape Architecture Australia documents some of the advantages and lessons that come from the region: a bright new generation of Asian-Australian professionals, strategies for working with rural communities in decline, tactics for reclaiming open space in dense urban environments and for building communities, and innovative construction techniques and novel use of materials.

Panel Discussion speakers:
- Heike Rahmann (Co-editor, LAA)
- Jillian Wallis (Co-editor, LAA)
- Ricky Ricardo (Co-editor, LAA)
- Aric Chen (M+)
- Catherin Bull (Writer)
- Moderator: Emily Wong (Editor, LAA)