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ABP Symposium: 29-30 September 2022.
Hosted by Advanced Digital Design and Fabrication (ADD+F) Research Hub

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Digital technologies offer new possibilities for contemporary design practice, construction industry and education. Research and development are strongly coupled with technological advancement and innovation. Informatics and automation have impacted all aspects of our lives and societies, in architectural design, landscape ecology, and construction; it opens up new potentials for creative thinking, experimentation, and exploration.

What does the future hold in terms of disruption and affordances for design research?

How does design research create synergies with industry to solve our environmental crisis? What are the new trajectories in design research through artificial intelligence and smart materials? What is the role of design research in education?

This symposium investigates how emerging creative practices can produce meaningful social and cultural transformations, technological innovation, and advancement in construction and fabrication.

Future Design Research in industry, practice and education will unfold over two days of presentations, round table discussions, and networking. With over 30 international and national speakers, thought leaders and educators from construction industry, creative practice and research institutions, the symposium aims to outline the potential for Design Research innovations in Education, Practice, and Industry in the digital age. The event will tap into new synergies for design as a research methodology through various forms of practices, pedagogical models, and R&D activities in the industry. We will discuss and debate the role of design research and, more critically, its implication and impact on our disciplines and society.

The symposium lays the theoretical grounds for the forth-coming exhibition on future prototyping in March 2023 at the Dulux Gallery at the Melbourne School of Design.

Leire Asensio, Dr Rochus Hinkel, and Dr Paul Loh.
Co-directors ADD+F research hub.