Future Prototyping: Haute Dining

Future Prototyping Haute Dining

Melbourne School of Design,
Glyn Davis Building,
University of Melbourne,
Parkville, VIC

  • Melbourne Design Week

The IX Haute Dining Experience is a sensory event showcasing the poems of Isaac Xavier. We will travel with you through nine acts, each one providing a unique and new outlook on what you expect from a dining experience. Teaming up with award-winning designers United Make and a wide variety of experienced chefs, sensory experts, and creatives, Isaac intends to bring his guests into the world of his poems & host a truly unique event. If you enjoy new things, are a deep thinker and love great food the IX Experience is definitely for you.

This event curated by Mond Qu (United Make) will explore prototyping through food.

This event is part of the Future Prototyping exhibition and Melbourne Design Week, curated by Mond Qu (United Make). This event explores prototyping through food and senses.

This is a paid event.