Expanding crisis accommodation for victim-survivors of family violence

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  • Hallmark Lecture Series

MSD at Home presents: Hallmark Lecture Series - The first of an online seminar series hosted by the Hallmark Research Initiative for Affordable Housing.

About this Event
The family violence sector is in crisis. Despite an increasing number of vacant properties in amenity rich cities such as Melbourne, there is insufficient quality crisis accommodation available to women. Those who can access crisis accommodation often remain stuck in limbo, unable to transition to long-term stable affordable housing due to lack of supply – compromising their ability to recover and increasing their risk of returning to their perpetrators.

This seminar will draw on insights from researchers and those working in the sector to examine the facilitators and barriers to generating additional crisis-on-demand housing; how this might support trauma-informed care; and discuss the required mechanisms and governance processes that might support its wide-scale adoption.

Erika Martino, Research Fellow in Healthy Housing, Melbourne School of Global and Population Health
Jeanette Large, CEO, Women's Property Initiatives
Kathleen Flanagan
, Research Fellow; Deputy Director Housing and Community Research Unit, University of Tasmania
Carolyn Whitzman, Adjunct Professor, University of Ottawa [Pre-recorded talk]
Facilitated by Katrina Raynor, Research Fellow and Convenor of the Hallmark Research Initiative for Affordable Housing

About the Hallmark Research Initiative for Affordable Housing:
Melbourne, Australia, is facing rapid population growth and a severe housing affordability crisis. Home purchase is among the least affordable in the world, and there is an acute shortage of low-cost rental housing. The Affordable Housing initiative was created to address these challenges. Challenges that can’t be solved by one discipline alone.

The initiative supplies seed funding for projects to create interdisciplinary research partnerships both across and outside the University. The aim is to generate new insights and impact relating to affordable housing. It is now in its second year.

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Enquiries: affordable-housing@unimelb.edu.au