House / Museum #2 | Conversation Series

HxM #2

Housemuseum Galleries
217 Cotham Rd , Kew, 3101

Due to unforeseen circumstances, House/Museum #2 I Conversation Series A conversation on synergies, divergences, metaphors and other things…Exploring the typologies of ‘house’ and ‘museum’ has now been rescheduled to the following night, Thursday 19 December. The event commencement time, participants and format remain unchanged. We hope to see you there – if you are unable to attend please let us know via email or phone for a full refund. Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.


A conversation on synergies, divergences, metaphors and other things... Exploring the typologies of 'house' and 'museum.'

About this Event

Speakers: Hans Ulrich Obrist (via Skype) X Alan Pert X David Sequeira

Hans Ulrich Obrist | Artistic Director, Serpentine Galleries, London

Alan Pert | Director of Melbourne School of Design, Melbourne

David Sequeira | Director of Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne

The ‘house museum’, even if historically defined, still proves a fundamentally contemporary and elusive subject.

Uniting theorists, curators, architects, and historians from around the globe in one-on-one conversations, the House | Museum Conversation Series at the Lyon Housemuseum Galleries aims to clear intellectual space for ranging discussion on the House, the Museum, and the House Museum. By simultaneously traversing these cultural and typological junctions, openings for (re)thinking origins, developments, preoccupations, perversions, failures, futures, and other House Museum things may appear.

House | Museum Conversation Series is curated by Scott Woods @harryhumboldt (Academic Fellow in Architecture at MSD) and is a partnership between Melbourne School of Design and Lyon Housemuseum Galleries.

Housemuseum Galleries
217 Cotham Rd , Kew, 3101
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Hans Ulrich Photo Credit: Tyler Mitchell