How housing affects your health: an interdisciplinary seminar

How housing affects your health: an interdisciplinary seminar

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  • Hallmark Lecture Series

Panel: housing interventions to improve population health – The case of indoor environment

This panel of experts on housing and health will discuss how interventions to address indoor environment can deliver population health benefits in Australia.

Housing and health are inextricably linked. Yet people don't often realise how much of an effect the inside of our house can have on our health - potentially more than individual lifestyle changes. There is mounting evidence that exposure to unhealthy indoor temperature has negative effects on health. Inability to avoid indoor cold in housing environment leads to hypertension, which is a key risk factor for premature mortality and cardiovascular disease.

This panel will discuss the use of simulation modelling approach to measure health gains achievable through changing exposure to indoor cold, and compare to those achievable through other ways to prevent heart disease. The panel will also include discussion of how energy engineering can assist to optimise indoor air quality.


Ankur Singh, Research Fellow in epidemiology specialising in housing related health inequalities

Lucy Telfar Barnard, public health researcher at the University of Otago, Wellington specialising in housing quality and health outcomes

Lu Aye, Professor of Infrastructure Engineering specialising in renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies

Lyrian Daniel, Research Fellow in the Housing and Healthy Cities Research Group, The University of Adelaide

Panel chaired by Rebecca Bentley, Professor in Healthy Housing at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health.

About the Hallmark Research Initiative for Affordable Housing:

Melbourne, Australia, is facing rapid population growth and a severe housing affordability crisis. Home purchase is among the least affordable in the world, and there is an acute shortage of low-cost rental housing. The Affordable Housing initiative was created to address these challenges that can’t be solved by one discipline alone.

The initiative supplies seed funding for projects to create interdisciplinary research partnerships both across and outside the University. The aim is to generate new insights and impact relating to affordable housing. It is now in its second year.

Initiative website

Twitter: @ah_unimelb


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