Hungry Town: 2019 Labour Day Symposium

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Japanese Room, Level 4
Glyn Davis Building (MSD) 133
University of Melbourne

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Dining trends come and go; the heritage of food consumption can be ephemeral. Fashions have embraced beer gardens, bbqs, wineries, the celebrity chef, migrant cafes, the temperance movement, theatre restaurants, al fresco dining and more. In all cases design has played a crucial and formative part in shaping not only food culture or the built environment, but also social interaction itself.

The Hungry Town 2019 Labour Day Symposium will discuss new understandings about historical and heritage significance of the spaces and places of food. We welcome presenters from around Australia and internationally who will share new research, insights and memories of the history of food and drink preparation, production and consumption. The programme is organised thematically around the value, purpose, form and location of food. Papers will explore what places of food say about the cultures and communities of our cities and regions. We promise a day that will stimulate the mind as well as the appetite.

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From Miasma to Munificence: Market Halls and the Question of Urban Order in Ireland
Dr Samantha Martin-Mcauliffe, University College, Dublin
Dr Martin-McAuliffe’s research interests include Classical antiquity, the reciprocity of the built environment and food, and the phenomenology of landscapes. She has edited the book Food and Architecture (Bloomsbury, 2016) which explores the intersections between taste and place.

Programme Highlights:

  • Dirt and dirty ducks: Sensing and tasting authenticity in Bali - Kaylene Tan and A.A. Gede Putra K.P. Dalem
  • The table as performative vessel: hosting feast & folly - Dorita Hannah
  • Ten years of negotiation with a gentrified community and wellmeaning local bureaucracy for the opportunity to grow tomatoes - Bruce Echberg, Jenny Gardner and Jane Miller
  • Food bowl for a Hungry Town: food supply systems in a rural landscape - Karen Olsen
  • Paradise Lost/Regained/Lost: The Uneven History of Melbourne’s Tiki Restaurants - Simon Reeves
  • Modern Art and the Paris End of Collins Street: creation and revival by Melbourne’s Jewish Restauranteurs - Ariele Hoffman
  • Fine Food and a Glass of Wine: Gromboyd Designs for Dining, 1950-1970 - Philip Goad

All ticket holders will receive a complimentary gift bag containing the Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book, Koko Black x Dan Hunter chocolate block, Hungry Town tote bag and badge.

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Convened by David Nichols, Hannah Lewi and Andrew Murray and the Australian Centre for Architectural History, Urban and Cultural Heritage (ACAHUCH) and the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, The University of Melbourne.

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Part of the BE–150: celebrating built environments education at the University of Melbourne 2019 program.