Alex Selenitsch - LANGUAGE FACTORY

The Language Factory model scheme #1 @ 1:100  2010?  Coreflute, timber on plywood base.

Dulux Gallery,
Glyn Davis building
Gallery hours: 10:00 - 16:00


Alex Selenitsch



This is an exhibition of works which connect the practices of poetry and architecture. Texts, drawings and objects show how conventional architectural syntax can deal with issues not normally faced in professional practice. The major work is a THE LANGUAGE FACTORY, a design for a possible building which spatialises a theory of language defined by production, and which uses a chimney motif to deal with irreversible change. Drawings derived from an abandoned cottage on Norfolk Island show how a single form – the hip roof – can generate and hold together two qualities. In other works, drawings and objects pay homage to the French Purist painters who arguably began this kind of visual research. Although text is obviously present in some book and word-works which are in the exhibition, poetry comes through all of the works through analogues, whereby a structure of relationships is held intact through different contexts. The use of robust sets of relationships is a common procedure in all of these works and links them to many previous works by Alex Selenitsch, and indeed, to works by many other artists.


Alex Selenitsch is a Melbourne-based poet and architect known primarily for his concrete poems but also for his drawings, artists books, objects, furniture and architecture. He exhibits at grahame galleries + editions, Brisbane, Queensland. A survey of his work, LIFE/TEXT, was held at Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, in 2015-2016. Cordite Books has recently published LOOK!, a collection of his concrete poems; Purgatorio Re-Placed, a re-write of Dante’s Purgatorio, is currently in press.

Banner image:  The Language Factory model scheme #1 @ 1:100  2010. Coreflute, timber on plywood base

Alex install

five chimneys 1991-2004.  plywood, MDF, Masonite, balsa, KDHW  average height 54cms.

five chimneys 1991-2004
plywood, MDF, Masonite, balsa, KDHW
average height 54cms

Rites of Passage 2020.  Pencil, chalk, aquarelle, ink, oil pastel on paper  49x76cms.

Rites of Passage 2020
Pencil, chalk, aquarelle, ink, oil pastel on paper

Whurlie pencils with chimneys 2019

Whurlie pencils with chimneys 2019
two items, A3 portrait
a) paper collage on digital print of three threes
b) pencil and paper collage on paper

.free electrons in magnetic field.  2019

.free electrons in magnetic field. 2019
word file, portrait format
printed on demand

wedge neutral (yellow) 2018

wedge neutral (yellow) 2018
felt pen, ink, chalk, pencil on paper
A3 portrait

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