Digital Design and Fabrication Electives (DD+F)

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Level 1, Brain Lewis Atrium, Building 133, Masson Rd, Parkville

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Exhibition 'Finissage'

Date: Friday, 4 March 2022
Time: 18:00 - 19:00 AEDT* Melbourne (UTC +11)
Venue: Glyn Davis Building (MSD) - Brian Lewis Atrium, Level 1
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Digital Design and Fabrication Electives (DD+F) present design prototypes and creative speculations, developed by students and fabricated with the support of the Maker Spaces at MSD.

In DD+F (pronounce: DDplusF) students gain expertise and competence in the understanding and application of contemporary design tools. While presenting students with new design opportunities, the electives combine physical and digital prototyping with creative thinking.

The DD+F electives are associated with the Advanced Digital Design + Fabrication (ADD+F) Research Hub at MSD. Students benefit from the teaching and research of hub members and from the expertise of industry experts and Maker Space staff.

Subject Coordinator:
Dr. Rochus Hinkel, Associate Professor for Architecture and Design

R_Lab Robotic

Ryan Pennings, Lewis Edwards, Sean Guy
ABPL 90412

The Robotic Lab explores how robots and robotic processes enable the design of architectures and experimental constructions by controlling the uncertainties of complex systems in ways that humans alone cannot.

Students design objects or structures based on parametric design principles. Enabling students to develop non-standard objects and structures of infinite variability, which opens up new design possibilities. Students produce prototypes of their designs while developing an understanding of an established robotic fabrication workflow.

DF_Lab Digital Fabrication

Darcy Zelenko, Danny Ngo, Gabriele Mirra
ABPL 90378

The Digital Fabrication Lab focuses on the exploration and application of software and hardware components used in leading design practices today and of increasing importance for future practice in architecture, landscape architecture and construction.

The DF_Lab focuses on the development of prototyping skills, utilising digital design and fabrication techniques, including laser cutters, 3d printers and CNC routers, combined with physical computing devices to augment existing fabrication techniques. Students design and re-imagine fundamental architectural elements that ultimately define the tectonic qualities of an imaginary building. The design process can involve the development and design of bespoke machines for fabrication.

Ex_Lab Timber Furniture

Benn Stevens, Christina Bricknell
ABPL 90222

The Experimental Design Lab Timber Furniture supports the investigation of material and process driven design. The Lab fosters an approach to the conceptual process of design whereby playful experimentation with materials and the use of traditional craft methodologies and contemporary digital fabrication technologies leads to an unexpected design outcome.

The ExLaB Furniture Workshop focuses on ways of delivering a furniture piece that addresses a thematic of ‘The body at rest.”  Final furniture pieces highlight an experimental process and demonstrate exemplary craft by constructing a functional seat for one person.

Ex_Lab Furniture Futures

Adam Markowitz, Adam Cornish
ABPL 90361

The Experimental Design Lab Furniture Futures supports an alternative, “bottom-up” approach to the conceptual process where playful experimentation with materials and the hacking of traditional craft methodologies and contemporary digital fabrication technologies leads, ultimately, to the design of a functional item of furniture.

In Furniture Futures students develop a piece of furniture that is the product of an intensive process of experimentation and research with both fabrication techniques and materials. The final furniture pieces exemplify how the constraints of certain materials and making processes can, in fact, be manipulated and used to the designer’s advantage, driving the design process to result in the creation of innovative, beautiful, unusual and functional objects.

SI_Lab Spatial Information

Ben Waters
ABPL 90422

The image and its genesis increasingly lie within the machine, its software and its algorithms. Authorial intent must now contend with computational algorithms, a medium infinitely more complex than the conventional hand and pen, with infinitely more powerful processing capabilities.

Architectural production and, by extension, its representation is now a calculus of software skill as much as it is creativity or “talent”. Decisions are no longer directly linked to the outcome, but indirectly influence the final product by way of computer input, processing and output.

Si_Lab is an exploration of the abstraction of reproduction using the infinite densities of information that can be found in the physical world and how, through its discretisation, it can be made digital and malleable. Binary artefacts are explored and mapped whilst conventional notions of beauty are scanned, manipulated, fragmented, and reconfigured.

DD+F Electives are formerly known as Maker Space Electives

Exhibition 'Finissage'

Date: Friday, 4 March 2022
Time: 18:00 - 19:00 AEDT* Melbourne (UTC +11)
Venue: Glyn Davis Building (MSD) - Brian Lewis Atrium, Level 1