Art x Architecture IN SITU Audio Tour

MSD Dulux Gallery

Art x Architecture IN SITU is a self-guided audio tour, co-presented by the University of Melbourne’s Museums & Collections department and the Melbourne School of Design as part of Melbourne Design Week. Using your personal device, you can create your own tour activated by QR codes at various sites of contemporary and historical architectural significance across the University‘s Parkville campus.

Hear in-situ perspectives from the creatives and experts behind some of the University’s most unique contemporary and historical buildings, including the Old Quad, the Grainger Museum, and Science Gallery Melbourne. You will also hear from curators and artists from the exhibitions currently showing inside each building.

Tours are free and no booking is required.

Listen to the audio tours

Opening dates and times

Old Quad
Tues 23 May - Fri 26 May
11am - 3pm 

Science Gallery
Tues 23 May - Sat 27 May
11am - 5pm

Grainger Museum
Thur 18 May - Sun 28 May
11am - 2pm

Glyn Davis Building (MSD)
Thur 18 May - Fri 26 May
Weekdays 10am - 4pm, weekends 11am - 1pm


Andy Butler, Participating artist, Collective Unease
Peter Lovell, Director, Lovell Chen Architects
Dr Sarah Kirby, Grainger Fellow
William Smart, Smart Design Studio
Arie Glorie, Curator, Break the Binaries
Prof Alan Pert,  Deputy Dean, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning
A/Prof Jillian Walliss,  Curator, Landscape Architects as Change Makers
Dr Heike Rahmann, Curator, Landscape Architects as Change Makers

Introductions by Rebecca Quin
Produced by Jacob Taylor, Susie Anderson, Emily Kennel
Interviews by Annika Aitken, Rory Hyde, Emily Kennel and Jacqueline Doughty
Audio edited by Susie Anderson and James Rafferty

Presented by The University of Melbourne’s Museums & Collections and the Melbourne School of Design, supported by the National Gallery of Victoria and Melbourne Design Week 2023.