High-Rise Colloquium

high rise colloquium

Melbourne’s skyline has undergone a radical metamorphosis; it now bristles with skyscrapers, which an increasing number of Melbournians call home. Where is this experiment in high-density living taking us, though?

In this 12-hour livestreamed colloquium, architectural theorists Hélène Frichot and Helen Runting will be joined by architect Andrés Jaque of the Office for Political Innovation; Singapore-based scholar Lilian Chee; Providence-based Australian architect Amelyn Ng; and guests from around the globe, each of whom will share their own high-rise story.

The Colloquium invites audiences to consider the pitfalls, peculiarities, and potentials of this residential typology by joining this broadcast conversation.

This event is brought to you by the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, incorporating the Melbourne School of Design (MSD), and Secretary, a Stockholm-based practice dedicated to the design, visualization, and theorization of a shared future in architecture.


10.00-11.00: Andrés Jaque, Office for Political Innovation, New York (US): “Opening Keynote”

11.00-12.00: Presentation: Amelyn Ng, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence (US): “A Note on Real Estate Salescraft”

12.00-13.00: Screening and interview: Wilf Speller, Zurich (Switzerland): On “The Tower” and other artistic work in real estate, with Rutger Sjögrim, Secretary, Stockholm (Sweden)

13.00-14.00: Talk and interview: Lina Kruopyte and Carl-Oskar Linné, New York (US) and Stockholm (Sweden): On “Phantoms of the Commons” and other artistic work in real estate

14.00-15.00: Interview: Anders Berensson, Anders Berensson Architects, Stockholm (Sweden): “The City of No High-Rises”

15.00-16.00: Interview: Loren Adams, University of Melbourne/RMIT: On “Regulatory Nonsense” and other bot dreams

16.00-17.00: Hélène Frichot, University of Melbourne, and Helen Runting, Secretary (Sweden): “Life in the Shallows”

17.00-18.00: Presentation: Louise Dorignon, School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, RMIT, and llan Weisel, School of Geography, University of Melbourne.

18.00-19.00: Presentation: Fredrik Torisson, LTH (Sweden): “Malmhatthanism”

19.00-20.00: Presentation: Marija Maric, University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg): “Real Estate Poetry”

20.00-21.00: Keynote 2: Lilian Chee, National University of Singapore (Singapore): “Closing Keynote”

21.00-22.00: Closing Discussion, “Life in the Shallows,” Hélène Frichot with Helen Runting

With guests Timothy Moore, Loren Adams, and Esther Anatolitis.

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Image: Living room in an apartment in Elenberg Fraser’s “Avant” tower, at 60 A’Beckett Street, Melbourne, 3000. Photograph: Helen Runting, 2020.

This event is part of Melbourne Design Week 2022, an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the NGV.