Politics and Utopia in Architecture - A Mixed Media XR Exhibition by Studio 40

Politics and Utopia in Architecture: Shaping Future Societies

NExT Lab

  • Melbourne Design Week

How will our conception of architecture have to change in order to respond to the collapse of our environmental systems? This question is interrogated by students and academics through an exhibition of MSD Studio 40 Projects.

These works question colonial concepts of ownership, address the extinction of species, develop sites for alternative food production and create places for cultural production, listening and learning. Experience this exhibition and explore how we can design alternative places that establish strong relationships between architecture and landscape.

Maria Bulmaga and Gina Dahl
Liam Maddern-Wellington and Gabrielle Miegeville-Little
Dylan Newell.

Studio Leader: A/Prof Rochus Urban Hinkel.
NExT Lab support: Melissa Irehata and Tony Yu

Guided Tours

Experience the XR-Exhibition using a augmented reality headset:

  • Sunday March 28 between 1.00pm and 4.00pm
  • Tuesday March 30 between 4.00pm and 6.00pm.

Please book for a 15 minutes experience prior to your visit.

Explore the AR experience by using your own smartphone or tablet outside of the guided tours: Download the Fologram app for free for Mac IOS and Android prior your visit and follow the exhibition instructions.

The exhibition is in a covered outside location, next to the MSD NExT Lab, and accessible 24/7.

The Politics and Utopia in Architecture Studio 40 XR-Exhibition is supported by a series of three panel discussions conducted by the MSD during Melbourne Design Week: