MSD at Home with Anne-Flore Guinée and Hervé Potin

potin and guinee

Image: La Jaguere, Guinée + Potin Architects, Photography: Stephane Chalmeau

Sustainable and affordable collective social housing

In this lecture, French architects Anne-Flore Guinée and Hervé Potin will share their highly regarded and publicized work in sustainable and affordable collective social housing.

Their work can be described as a colorful collage of materials and concepts that share a common concern for ecology, energy-saving, and the use of organic materials that surprise and outperform established solutions.

About the speakers

guinee and potin
Image: Hervé Potin and Anne-Flore Guinée

After returning from a joint study tour of Ethiopia, Anne-Flore Guinée and Hervé Potin founded Guinée * Potin Architectes in 2002 in the Brittany city of Nantes, on the French west coast.

They have received several awards for their innovation, including a nomination for the 2015 Mies van der Rohe Award for the Beautour Museum and Biodiversity Research Center, built of straw and wood. They also received the French National Award for Wooden Construction for this facility.

Time Zones

This lecture will be held online on Wednesday 9 March 7pm-8.30pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time. Ensure that you have checked the date and time of this lecture against your time zone.