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MSD-SAPPK (ITB) Travelling Studios 2015-2016 Exhibition

Monday, 8 February 2016 - 6:00pm to Wednesday, 2 March 2016 - 5:00pm
Melbourne School of Design Atrium, Level 1, east side

The Informal City explores themes of informality, urbanisation, inequality, resilience, sustainability and community empowerment.

It presents a snapshot of student work from an interdisciplinary studio that brought together staff and students of the Melbourne School of Design (MSD) and the School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development (SAPPK), at Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), in November 2015.

The studio addressed the question “How do we design with urban informality?” and focused on urban development in the areas surrounding the Jalan Dago in Bandung, Indonesia. Through research, fieldwork, cross cultural knowledge sharing and spatial immersion, the studio explored the design and planning possibilities in the interstices between formal and informal typologies and practices.

Join students and staff from MSD and ITB on opening night to share ideas and discuss the studio (6pm Monday 8th Feb, 2016) or drop in anytime between 8th February - 2nd March, 2016.

Location: MSD Atrium (L1 east side).