Othering architecture: diversity on screen and in space

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Robin Boyd Foundation, 290 Walsh St, South Yarra

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Lim’s The Australian Ugliness, like Robin Boyd’s book of the same name, seeks to question who architecture is built by and for. Bringing forward a female, Asian, performative and artistic perspective, The Australian Ugliness seeks to ‘other’ architecture, opening up its spaces, ideas and access to a broader, more diverse audience.

The Australian Ugliness inserts people of colour, ambiguous and ageing bodies into some of the most iconic sites of our ugly-beautiful country. Featuring a panel of practitioners across art, film, design and curation, this talk looks at the intersection between art and architecture, screen and space – and the possibility for representations of a more diverse Australia.

Ticket prices:

  • $20 full
  • $15 concession
  • $10 Foundation member


  • Amos Gebhardt (artist)
  • Reko Rennie (artist)
  • Eugenia Lim (artist)
  • Simona Castricum (musician, performer, DJ and architecture academic)