Othering architecture: diversity on screen and in space

Image for Othering architecture: diversity on screen and in space

Robin Boyd Foundation, 290 Walsh St, South Yarra


Lim’s The Australian Ugliness, like Robin Boyd’s book of the same name, seeks to question who architecture is built by and for. Bringing forward a female, Asian, performative and artistic perspective, The Australian Ugliness seeks to ‘other’ architecture, opening up its spaces, ideas and access to a broader, more diverse audience.

The Australian Ugliness inserts people of colour, ambiguous and ageing bodies into some of the most iconic sites of our ugly-beautiful country. Featuring a panel of practitioners across art, film, design and curation, this talk looks at the intersection between art and architecture, screen and space – and the possibility for representations of a more diverse Australia.

Ticket prices:

  • $20 full
  • $15 concession
  • $10 Foundation member


  • Amos Gebhardt (artist)
  • Reko Rennie (artist)
  • Eugenia Lim (artist)
  • Simona Castricum (musician, performer, DJ and architecture academic)