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Zaha Hadid Architects Studio @ Venice Studio Melbourne

Dulux Gallery,
Glyn Davis Building,
University of Melbourne

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Venice Studio Melbourne, was a 10-day ultra-short design studio event with leading architecture and urbanism practices and students from around the world. The ambitious program surfaced a series of pedagogical dilemmas triggered by surging program demands that reconceptualised the design studio model. These structural instabilities are categorised by three themes which frame the current exhibition:


Each studio was limited to merely 6 x 1hr studio sessions over the 10-day program. The natural recalibration of any final design project by this time-pressure was compounded by multiple factors haunting the production process including, the exclusively online learning environment, the dispersion of students and studio leaders across different time-zones, and the development of the design project in unison by groups of students rather than individuals.


Each studio was limited to 15mins to present their final design project. The reality of gathering students from around the globe to address real sites in Venice meant that many students had never been to Venice themselves and instead had to formulate their own understanding of the city and sites through remote research. ‘Presenting’ a city apprehended through distant mythologies and google street-view consistently challenged the legitimacy of the final design project and its associated discourses.


Each practice bought its own unique influences to bear on Venice. Undoubtedly, students applied to those studios whose practice work they admired or were curious about. Venice Studio’s role is partly to expose students to the ethos, approach, methodologies, tools and techniques of these architecture and urbanism practices. The direction of each studio was forged by the lead practice – from writing the brief, to defining the program, inscribing an attitude to the city and proposing the drawing-sets and types of representation. As such, the practices were asked, for this exhibition, to nominate one of their built or unbuilt works that in some way relates to or complements their final Venice Studio Melbourne project completed with the students – that provides a ground for re-reading the new project.

Guest Program Curators: MAP Studio (Venice)

Instagram: @vnc.std
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Participating Studios:

Zaha Hadid Architects
Moreau Kusunoki
Sauerbruch Hutton
MAD Architects
Armature Globale
Lütjens Padmanabhan
Sean Godsell Architects
Young & Ayata
Dorte Mandrup

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