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About this event

The “Project Management Design Exhibition 2022” comprises students’ academic work in the Project Management class undertaken in Semester 1, 2022.

Having successfully participated in this capstone subject within the Master of Construction Management course, students are going to exhibit significant new knowledge by demonstrating the project management processes applied for delivering projects effectively. In this subject, theory of Project Management is learnt from a practice perspective following the concept “Project Management by Design”. Taking into consideration of two clear aspects, project development and project management, entire business processes from client’s brief to tendering are practiced through some intense students’ work throughout the semester. In doing so, students exhibit the roles and responsibilities of the Clients and the Contractors by undertaking the development of a range of real-life projects through a competitive tendering process. In the competitive tendering process, students highlight the project development and management skills covering the entire lifecycle of the project starting from inception, tendering, planning, construction through to the operation and recycle phases.

Exploring the practice of managing projects by design, through this “Project Management Design Exhibition 2022”, students will highlight their innovative ideas and understanding across the concepts such as nature of the construction industry, the roles and types of projects, financing arrangement and delivery schemes such as Design-Built, BOOT, PPP. Considering the project development environment relative to the market opportunities, students will demonstrate some high degree of understanding in evaluation of tender bids, planning constraints, market rationalisations and finally putting together a winning bid. The process will highlight both client’s and tenderers’ perspectives of project development, including preparing and evaluating tenders for complex developments. The practice-based skills gained on project development and management processes will be validated by a large group of industry experts by witnessing and critiquing students' presentations throughout the evening.

Coordinator of the subject
Dr Hemanta Doloi
Associate Professor in Construction Management