Reiser + Umemoto - Projects and Their Consequences exhibition

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South Dulux Gallery, Melbourne School of Design

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The work of Reiser + Umemoto (RUR Architecture DPC) spans over 30 years of practice at the forefront of architectural innovation, comprising rigorous research and experimentation across both built and unrealized projects. The firm’s winning proposals for both the Taipei Pop Music Center and the Kaohsiung Port Terminal are now under construction in Taiwan, while O-14, a 22-story exoskeletal office tower in Dubai, was completed in 2012 and has received numerous international honors.

The exhibition is framed around one of the central concepts of their forthcoming monograph, Projects and Their Consequences: A consequential project both connects to a generationally shared set of social, political, and cultural desires, which exceeds authorship, and at the same time develops within the practice as a sustained set of material, organizational and formal interests that connect across time, at disparate scales, programs and sites, and with a particular authorial stamp.

Gallery opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Open for University of Melbourne Open Day. Sunday 20 August, 10AM-4PM.