Repair after Disasters: Bushfires

A photograph of trees, a wheelbarrow and refuse from a house all damaged by bushfire.

Japanese Room, Level 4,
Faculty of Architecture, Building, and Planning
Glyn Davis Building


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  • Research seminar

As the conditions of planetary life become more extreme and the violence wrecked by climate crisis increasingly more severe, the question of repair has become more urgent. However, as planetary conditions change, it is not self-evident that things should be repaired to their former state. At the same time, repair needs to centre the fragile structure of communities that rely as much on social as built infrastructures. In this panel, we look to different forms of repair in the context of bushfires, pandemics, and other contemporary social and environmental emergencies, discussing design principles as well as the importance of collective and collaborative response.


  • Prof Alan March (UoM ABP) who will discuss repair in the aftermath of bushfires.
  • Prof Lisa Gibbs (UoM Melbourne School of Population and Global Health) who will discuss social repair.
  • A/Prof Jason Thompson (UoM ABP) who will discuss trauma recovery in the aftermath of disaster events.