Repair in a broken world: Planning a future of repair

Planning a Future of Repair

Japanese Room, Level 4,
Faculty of Architecture, Building, and Planning
Glyn Davis Building


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  • Research seminar

The constancy of progress is a compelling trope in planning. It appears in narratives of growth and flourishing, laying claim to a naturalised vision that to advance and move forwards is best. What such stories overlook are the stopping places along the way, spaces that invite us to pause and think, suspending momentum such that questions of orientation can be asked: what are we missing on our way to ‘there’ and what have we left behind in the process. Taking time to dwell in these spaces and recognise the complex entanglements of the past, the ghosts that are revived and carried over from fictions of terra nullius and the futures that are forgotten along the way, in this seminar, we repair to the past in order to begin a narrative of repairing the future.


  • Dr Lucy Benjamin, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Hélène Frichot, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Julia Hurst, University of Melbourne, Australia Centre
  • Prof Sarah Maddison, University of Melbourne, Australia Centre
  • A/Prof Crystal Legacy, University of Melbourne