Repair in a broken world: Soil, Worms, and Gardens One Day Workshop

A photograph of worms in a garden.

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  • Research seminar

This one-day workshop and symposium will explore ecological questions of repair. Following the work of Maria Puig de la Bellacasa, the workshop aims for foreground the potential for reinvigorated human-soil relations to enrich practices of planetary care. Starting from the ground up, the workshop looks to soil, worms, and gardens as sites of urban intervention and reparation. Exploring the different and spontaneous ecologies that emerge in these urban spaces, the workshop will host several speakers whose work explores questions of urban renewal, psychosocial plant relations, the history of gardens, invasion and extinction, and the cultivation of more-than-human habitats. Following a garden of forking paths then, the workshop will offer a space to critically interrogate overlooked centres of urban greenery and reimagine affective encounters with the mud underfoot.


  • Dr Lucy Benjamin, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Hélène Frichot, University of Melbourne