Sir Peter Cook Summer Intensive Studio Exhibition: No More Dull and Boring

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Dulux Gallery, Ground Level, the Melbourne School of Design

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This exhibition showcases the work created by students in Studio 05 Sir Peter Cook Summer Intensive Studio led by Peter Cook and Justyna Karakiewicz.

Studio Description
In the 1960s Sir Peter Cook, together with Warren Chalk, Dennis Crompton, David Greene, Ron Herron and Michael Webb, set up Avant-Garde architecture group Archigram. With this, they put forward a series of radical proposals as a reaction towards what he stated was a dull period in British architecture. In his recent lecture at the World Architecture Festival 2018, Sir Peter Cook said:

"I find that there is a narrowing of architecture; there are more schools of architecture that I've visited recently that have gone more narrow-minded. There's not a spirit of adventure and discovery that there might have even been 20 years ago. I don't like to be a moaner but this is my honest view. Sometimes, dare I say, agenda is placed above creativity."

This Studio is our chance to demonstrate that the spirit of Archigram still exists and flourish, that we have the spirit.
This Summer Intensive Studio asked our most brilliant students to bring the spirit of Archigram to Melbourne in 2019. After gaining a deep understanding of the 1960s ideas, we examined how these ideas might have been revolutionary in the 1960s and whether they are still relevant.