Synthetic Crystallisations

Synthetic Crystallisations

Brian Lewis Atrium,
Level 1, Glyn Davis Building,

  • Exhibition

The Galapagos Islands inspired the most notorious theory on Nature, Darwin’s evolution by natural selection. Darwin had the radical intuition that Nature’s “intelligence” is not its own, and while nature’s designs are brilliant, the “designers” are as uncomprehending as nature itself.

This exhibition explores the meanings of wastefulness and mindlessness within the conceptual framework of ubiquitous computation and the evolution of the mind, while designing new Synthetic Landscapes within the Galapagos Islands’ many topographic regions. The archipelago has been turned into an open air laboratory and notions of evolution by anthropogenic selection studied, recognising that even a remote archipelago is not immune to the forces of globalisation.

This exhibition will also include a public lecture by Marco Poletto, 7pm, Thursday 13 February.